Conservative OnlyFans Model Wouldn’t Recommend Girls Follow In Her Footsteps

by : Cameron Frew on : 29 May 2020 13:19
Conservative OnlyFans Model Wouldn't Recommend Girls Follow In Her FootstepsJam Press

A ‘conservative’ OnlyFans model from India says that while people should choose what they do with their life, she ‘wouldn’t recommend girls follow in her footsteps’. 

Shilpa Sethi, from New Delhi, has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, spurring people to subscribe to her OnlyFans, where she has more than 153,000 likes.


Over the course of a year, her modelling has taken her from working at an engine oil and replacement company to being self-sufficient – she now has a more luxurious lifestyle, to the point she can afford her own three-bedroom house.

Shilpa Sethi Conservative OnlyFans ModelJam Press

The 25-year-old has been ‘conservative her whole life’. After being jobless for nine months, she found a job at a car oil change company, where she realised she wanted to work at a strip club – a venture which sent her on the bumpy road to OnlyFans.

Initially, Shilpa reached out to a photographer in New Jersey who introduced her to the subscriber-based platform, agreeing to help promote her page and provide free photo-shoots, though he would take half of her earnings and retain full control of the account.

Shilpa Sethi Conservative OnlyFans ModelJam Press

Shilpa explained: 

He showed me his girlfriend’s OnlyFans month statement and she made $16,000 that month. I told him it was against my culture and that I couldn’t be naked. Also, I didn’t have followers at that time, it was December 2018 and I had only 7,000 followers on my Instagram page.

He managed to convince me at the time… I didn’t know any better so then I started promoting my OnlyFans and two weeks later, he locked me out of the account because I didn’t send him feet pictures for OnlyFans. And at the beginning, OnlyFans wasn’t all nude.

After refusing to send him a picture, he kept the money and locked her out of the account. ‘I was depressed for weeks… I tried calling cops and they said it was not in the jurisdictions to prosecute so I reached out to social security administration, reported him and emailed OnlyFans asking them to close the account and they did,’ she added.

Shilpa Sethi Conservative OnlyFans ModelJam Press

At this point, Shilpa didn’t want to partake in OnlyFans anymore as she thought it was the photographer who was promoting her. However, when she realised her account was ‘somehow’ still growing, she took back control in January 2019 and starting running the page on her own.

Shilpa says she has ‘conservative’ sensibilities – for example, she never drinks, smokes or parties. Over the past year, she’s undergone multiple cosmetic procedures, but she doesn’t ‘recommend it to anyone’ due to their complications.

While she’s careful to note that people have to do what’s best for them, she also says that she wouldn’t recommend people follow her career path – instead, she’d rather be working a more traditional job.

Shilpa Sethi Conservative OnlyFans ModelJam Press

Shilpa said: 

I wouldn’t recommend girls follow in my footsteps. But I had many reasons to end up where I am at today. If I had an option, I would earn money based on my education doing 9-5. I wouldn’t mind it.

My childhood wasn’t very normal. My dad wasn’t very supportive and both my parents didn’t care about education. I did half of my schooling in India then came back to the US to finish my 12th grade on my own, and I sold candies in school to get by. I only end up doing some college. I didn’t have enough support and didn’t do well so I dropped out.

She added that while India is a conservative place, ‘What I know is that no culture allows any nudity. But at the end of the day, it’s all your decision and in your life, no one is going to be there for you when you have to pay bills and pay rent.’

Shilpa Sethi Conservative OnlyFans ModelJam Press

Shilpa attributes her success to her work ethic – the fans always come first, as long as they’re reasonable. On one occasion, a subscriber asked her to record a video of herself defecating, which she declined to do.

‘As long as they make me happy, I do everything to please them just as long as it is within my limits,’ she said. Everyone has to pay bills – as long as you find a way of doing so you’re comfortable with, then happy days.

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