Council Admits It Was Wrong To Ban Lollipop Man High-Fiving Kids

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That’s Colin. A local legend, a much loved member of the community, and essentially just a down to Earth 83-year-old Lollipop man.


However, Colin has come under scrutiny in the past few weeks. Why? Because he loves to give out high-fives to the kids he helps across the road. An act which apparently, he shouldn’t do. Sigh.

In fact, Colin was actually banned from giving out high-fives, after it was deemed a ‘disruption’, in a move which has (rightly so) infuriated countless parents, reports the Manchester Evening News.

One parent explained to the Manchester Evening News:


If a child is having a bad day, it can make all the difference when they see Colin. He really cheers them up before school.

They miss Colin when he’s not around. He really is part of the landscape.

A similar story arose this weekend after veteran Hull lollipop man, Bryan, was told his high-fives and hugs could be seen as ‘grooming’.

Sadly, Bryan decided to resign from his post, one he held for 20 years.


Fortunately this tale has a more positive end result as Stockport Council have admitted that they were wrong and have allowed Colin to continue spending his mornings high-fiving himself into oblivion.

A spokesperson for Stockport Council admitted their wrongdoing, saying:

Following the recent reports surrounding Stockport Council’s lollipop man, Colin Spencer, we want to apologise for the unnecessary concern caused by the issuing of an instruction that was clearly wrong.


Colin himself even had something to say on the matter, adding:

It was petty. It’s bureaucracy gone mad. The decision really did upset many children. Especially the younger ones.

But this is great news. It should never have come to this in the first place. The children will be pleased.

A small apology from the council, an unforgettable victory for lollipop men and women across the globe.

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