Couple Caught ‘Joining Mile High Club’ After Spending 10 Minutes In Toilet

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 07 Sep 2019 18:38
Couple Caught 'Joining Mile High Club' After Spending 10 Minutes In ToiletStafford Slick/Instagram

A pair of plane passengers were apparently caught with their pants down, figuratively speaking, after having allegedly ‘joined the mile high club’.

It’s not the first time it’s happened and it won’t be the last, but thanks to the good old internet and the age of social media, you can guarantee it’ll be shared online.


The was reportedly filmed on a United Airlines flight, and shows several people waiting to use the toilet, when two people (in matching red hoodies, true love) emerge rather sheepishly.

You can watch it here:


According to MailOnline, a flight attendant walks past the waiting passengers, who are all presumably standing there with their legs crossed, and asks: ‘You’re still right here?’


To which one passenger replies: ‘There are folks in there.’

It was then the man emerged from the plane toilet, swiftly followed by a woman.

Couple Caught 'Joining Mile High Club' After Spending 10 Minutes In ToiletStafford Slick/Instagram

The video was uploaded to social media by professional volleyball player Stafford Slick, who said: ‘these ladies were posted up at the bathroom, waiting for a ballpark of 10 minutes’.


Slick also noted: ‘I’ve been on a LOT of flights…this is a first.’

Couple Caught 'Joining Mile High Club' After Spending 10 Minutes In ToiletStafford Slick/Instagram

Earlier this year, a flight attendant revealed the tell-tale signs which are a giveaway as to when passengers are trying to join the mile high club.

The anonymous, Sydney-based flight attendant told the MailOnline that, strictly speaking, passengers can only become members of the infamous ‘club’ if they met on the plane, rather than partners who boarded together.


The attendant said the door of the toilet cubicle ‘would always shake’ whenever two people were in there.

Apparently, however, it’s a ‘totally normal’ situation for flight attendants to have to deal with. And while they usually ignore it, one manager decided to tell the whole cabin crew and passengers on board.

Couple Caught 'Joining Mile High Club' After Spending 10 Minutes In ToiletPixabay

She said:


He said “look, we’ve got a bit of a mile high situation happening in the toilet and I just want to really congratulate the happy couple when they come out.”

So, the flight attendants all lined up outside the bathroom, ready to applaud as the happy couple finally emerged.

Rather than telling the couple off, though, they said:

But at the end of the tunnel of flight attendants, the manager was standing there with this bottle of champagne and said: “On behalf of the crew, we’d just like to welcome you to the mile high club” and everyone clapped again and then we all just dispersed back to our jobs.

Free champagne, bonus!

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