Couple Horrified After Dog Rips Open Neighbour’s Private Parcel

by : Lucy Connolly on : 15 Feb 2019 12:19
Mercury Press

If you’ve ever ordered a ‘private’ parcel – you know what I’m talking about – you’ll understand wanting to keep it exactly that way.

Things like discrete packaging and choose-your-day delivery services go a long way in preserving your dignity, but what happens if the parcel gets delivered to a neighbour?


Even worse, what if it gets delivered to a neighbour’s house and their dog gets to it before they do, ripping it open and exposing your secrets to the world?

Dog finds dildoMercury Press

Which is exactly what happened to one unlucky purchaser recently, after a couple’s dog tore open their package – exposing a sex toy.

Lee Edwards, 36, and his partner Jenna Crozier, 34, walked downstairs to find their Labrador puppy Bonnie playing with the bright pink dildo.


The couple, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, had taken the discrete looking parcel in for another resident – as all nice neighbours do – and had put it safely behind the door. Or so they thought.

You can take a look at what happened below:


When they came downstairs, instead of finding the parcel where they had left it, they instead came across Bonnie playing with its contents on the living room floor.


The packaging had been shredded to pieces, leaving the bright pink dildo free for the puppy to play with. And she was loving her new toy.

Lee, who has two dogs – seven-month-old Bonnie and her mum Bojangles – filmed the pooch lying next to the toy, surrounded by pieces of ripped up cardboard and wagging her tail.

Dog finds dildoMercury Press

Jenna, a dog groomer, was mortified and immediately put the item in a bag; it was collected by their slightly embarrassed neighbour later that day.


The 34-year-old said:

The postman delivered it here and I’d hidden it behind the door and thought nothing of it. When I saw what it was I thought it was so funny – of all the parcels she could have got hold of it had to be the most secret thing you could have.

Bonnie had it in her gob and was walking around with it. She played with it for about an hour. It was a pink Ann Summers toy, it wasn’t a huge one just a standard size.

She’s chewed it up. It’s chewable and rubber like a toy. She looked so proud of herself. She came over like ‘are you going to throw it for me? We call her demolition dog.


Lee, a dog trainer, thought the sex toy was one of his training tools at first, before thinking his partner had bought the sex toy and wondering why she had.


He explained:

I train dogs for a living and we do have toys that are similar. Then I thought it might have been Jenna’s and was thinking ‘why has she bought that?’

It was just lying there on the floor then I saw what had happened to the box. I didn’t want to touch it and didn’t want the neighbour to think I’d touched it so I cordoned it off like a crime scene.

It’s embarrassing but you can see the funny side of it.

Dog finds dildoMercury Press

The couple admitted they haven’t seen their neighbour since, and don’t want to because they feel ‘awful’ about what happened.

They’ve even put a sign on their door to say they will no longer accept parcels because of their dogs’ antics.

Ah, dogs. Forever the cause of our eternal embarrassment. You’ve gotta love them.

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