Couple Slammed For Calling Guests ‘Tight F*cks’ In Wedding Invitations

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 Feb 2020 17:00
Couple Slammed For Calling Guests 'Tight F*cks' In Wedding InvitationsCouple Slammed For Calling Guests 'Tight F*cks' In Wedding Invitationsu/madammayorislove/Reddit/PXHere

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and shotgun shot to the knees of your wallet. So, instead of gifts, this couple implored guests to donate some cash – just don’t be a ‘tight fuck’. 


You know what weddings are like: bountiful food and drink, swanky venue hire, photographs, more food and drink and, importantly, the dress. But of course, someone has to dip into a pot of gold to pay for all the paraphernalia – couples may be skint, but at least they’re in love.

One couple decided to combat this, though. Instead of asking for classic wedding gifts – basically any cool but ultimately frivolous kitchen and home accessory under the sun – this pair asked their guests for some money. They did, however, add the caveat that if you’re going to donate, don’t skimp on the amount.

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Redditor u/madammayorislove posted a screenshot of a wedding invite they came across in an unnamed Facebook group, with a hilarious request.


The invite read: 

If you did want to give a small gift, a small contribution to our honeymoon would be perfect… don’t be a tight fuck!

Check it out:

Couple Slammed For Calling Guests 'Tight F*cks' In Wedding InvitationsCouple Slammed For Calling Guests 'Tight F*cks' In Wedding Invitationsu/madammayorislove/Reddit

One thing seems quite obvious: it’s a joke. However, the Redditor does say the rest of the invite is pretty ‘trashy’ – and it certainly hasn’t gone down well after being shared on notorious Reddit page r/ChoosingBeggars, with people saying they ‘don’t deserve having others celebrate them’.

One user replied to the post: ‘I would give them a $5 gift card from somewhere I knew they would never use. I would try for less, but I think $5 is as low as they will let you buy one… I forgot to say, HELL would FREEZE into a solid block of ice, before I would attend the shit show that wedding is going to be.’

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Another wrote: ‘If this was meant to be a joke, then I don’t personally think it’s funny. If they were serious… holy crap.’ While another added: ‘Wow. I wouldn’t go to that wedding at all. Those people don’t deserve having others celebrate them.’


Above the brashness of the request, people seem to have taken issue with the use of ‘fuck’ in a wedding invite. One user wrote: ‘Who curses in a wedding invitation? Give granny a heart attack.’

Personally, it doesn’t bother me (then again, I’m Scottish, so I fucking love saying fuck).

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  1. u/madammayorislove/Reddit

    From a FB group I’m in, an actual wedding invite someone received. “You don’t have to give money but if you do, don’t be a cheapskate!”