Couples That Fart Together, Stay Together

by : UNILAD on : 08 Dec 2017 13:10
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Apparently couples wait on average six months before farting in front of their significant other, some new ‘research’ has found.

Online dating site eHarmony also found people under 24 only wait three months because I guess they’re not as bothered.


The website asked more than 1,000 people across Australia to reveal when major relationship events unfold – from that first fart, the first kiss, making things ‘Facebook official’ and so on.

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The study found Australian couples take three months to utter those three little words.

Men are quicker to say ‘I love you’ than woman are, with one in two admitting they’ll say it within the first three months and one in three women doing the same.


The subjects of the study said they waited on average six months before farting in front of their partner, which is a month longer than people wait to leave a toothbrush at their lover’s house.


People under 24 were found to be far less self-conscious when it comes to ‘bodily functions’ with one in two admitting they’re happy to fart within the first three months of a new relationship.

It is around the six month mark people feel comfortable enough to show their vulnerable side – with people saying it takes them around five months for them to let their partner see them cry – and two months for people to be around their partner with no make up on.


Then, as things get more serious, on average, it takes 45 per cent of people a year to be engaged, what?

51 per cent of people only wait a year to be married and 41 per cent of people only wait a year before conceiving a child.


In the year-bracket – that’s when 45 per cent of people buy a property together and 43 per cent get a joint bank account.


Things move pretty fast in Australia if this research is correct!

28 per cent of people would move in together, 13 per cent would get engaged and 15 per cent would go as far as to get a pet together in six months or less.

One in two Aussies are happy to introduce their new partner to their friends within the first three months, but 64 per cent wait twice as long introduce them to their family.

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Then there’s the bad stuff – unfortunately many relationships come to an end, the study found 67 per cent of Australians wait less than a year to heal their hearts and start dating again.

Men were found to be back in the dating scene quicker than women, with 72 per cent waiting less than a year, compared to 63 per cent of women who will step back from the dating game for a solid 365 days.

Millennials are apparently even quicker off the mark, with one in three saying they re-activate their dating profiles and are willing to date less than a month after a break-up.

Relationship Expert and Psychologist Jacqui Manning said:

There are a lot of commonalities among Australians when it comes to the important phases we go through in our dating journey.

While some are more fun than others, it’s crucial not to rush through any phase – take the time to actually be single and enjoy the dating experience, not just the final destination.

There we have it, happy relationship-ing.

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