Couples Will Soon Be Allowed To Get Married In McDonald’s


couple eating mcdonalds

Everyone loves weddings and everyone loves fast food, right? Put those two things together and you’ve got yourself a great day right there my friend.


New plans have been announced that will see the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond review ‘outdated’ marriage ceremony laws, which require venues to stick to strict and expensive rules to hold weddings.

The old rules mean wedding venues have to dedicate a specific room for where the ceremony takes place, and make sure it is part of a building rather than outside or under a marquee.


The change in rules will allow people to hold open air weddings, as well as making it easier to stage weddings in whatever venue the couple want – a McDonald’s, for example.

The updated rules are designed to help cut the costs of weddings, as per The Sun.

At the moment, the average cost to hire a wedding venue in the UK is £4,500. Which is a considerable portion of the average overall cost of between £20,000 and £30,000.

One of the old fashioned rules set to change is one that states wedding licence holders must make sure food and alcohol is not sold or consumed in the specific wedding ceremony area one hour before or during the event.


Treasury officials have said these rules are a burden on small business owners, who often don’t bother getting a wedding licence for their venue because of them.

Relaxing these restrictions will make it easier and cheaper for happy couples to tie the knot.

And, if you do decide to get married at McDonald’s (the real question is why wouldn’t you…) you might be faced with choosing a best man for the occasion.


While your mates will probably line up, eager at the chance to be there for their friend, you’ll want to choose someone loyal, kind, affectionate, and someone who doesn’t try to chip in with their own opinion too much, right? Kind of like a dog, right?

Right. Which is exactly what 31-year-old Timmy Moutrie from Colorado, America, did when he got married last year.

Timmy’s best mate Bruce, a three-year-old pitbull crossed with a shar pei, had his own tuxedo and everything, so you know he looked good for the big day.

best man dog weddingUNILAD

During the ceremony, Bruce ‘behaved tremendously’ as Timmy’s brother walked him down the aisle before he sat down by the groom’s feet.

And Bruce wasn’t the only dog involved in the wedding as Timmy’s wife’s dog Zeke, a 12-year-old husky crossed with a malamute, also ‘waddled down the aisle’ as the ring-bearer.

best man dog weddingUNILAD

Timmy told UNILAD the guests couldn’t get enough of Bruce and Zeke:

It was a pretty stunning experience. I don’t think a lot of the guests realised our dogs were a part of the ceremony, and Bruce and my brother were the third set of people walking down the aisle.

There were a lot of laughs coupled with what sounded like happy tears. His tux was definitely a highlight.

Just need a quarter pounder with cheese and it sounds like a perfect day to me!

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