‘Crazy Ex’ Crashes Tinder Date With Hilarious Results


I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of crazy ex’s. Whether male or female, they’re out there in every town and city across the globe, revelling in their self-pity trying to distinguish between their love and hatred for you. 

Fortunately for most, those bizarre and terrifying encounters with our crazy ex’s go unnoticed to the outside world, but unfortunately for this YouTuber it’s out there for all the world to see, reports the Daily Star.

The encounter which was caught on camera begins as a guy called Ryan casually meets his Tinder dates and invites them into his car. As they begin to converse, Ryan tells them about his crazy ex who ‘keeps calling’ him.


As if on cue, the crazy ex does exactly that – she calls him, to which he bluntly replies, ‘stop calling my phone’, but she ain’t no quitter, as the next scene proves, when she shouts ‘why’s there a broad in your car?’

Within seconds Ryan’s ex is on the bonnet of his car and wreaking pure chaos – scaring his Tinder dates half to death with her erratic anger.


However, as you can probably tell the whole thing was ‘just a prank’ as Ryan quite happily tells his Tinder dates after the bizarre encounters.

Unfortunately for Ryan, none of his matches seem interested in a second date.