Creepy Older Guy Gets Nasty Surprise After Trying To Hit On High School Girl

by : UNILAD on : 20 Feb 2017 18:24
YouTube/To Cheat A Cheater

This guy’s girlfriend told him she gets hit on by lots of older men, so he decided to enlist the help of To Catch A Cheater to find out what goes on behind closed doors.


The professional cheat catchers sent in a plant to try and potentially expose her unawares, but what they discovered instead was unexpected for all involved.

Here’s the video in full…

The video starts out with the older man hovering outside the girl’s college, before he goes up to chat to her.


His opening line though, is a pretty creepy starter…

He asked:

Have you seen a better looking, younger version of me?

The girlfriend, Hailey, tries to brush him off as she continues walking, before he asks her name and bombs straight in by asking if she’s a cheerleader…

I wish I could say it stops there, but unfortunately, it does not, as his next line is simply toe-curling.

He exclaims:


You’re beautiful, you really are.

Strangely, he then adds he hopes she’s not ‘crazy,’ as all blondes are, before repeating how beautiful she is and creepily going in for a touch of her hair.

He doesn’t leave it there though, bizarrely asking her what’s on her back-pack and complimenting her footwear..

Obviously uncomfortable, she asks how old he is, to which he quickly replies with ’25,’ before asking her if she has a boyfriend.

Later on in the excruciating footage, he then lies to her by saying he’s 20, before awkwardly asking if she drinks and smokes.

After ominously telling her he’s an ‘executive,’ he once again reminds her how beautiful he thinks she is and incredulously questions why she’s single.

He adds:

You have a boyfriend, oh man.

Creepily at the end of the clip, the guy says they should meet up on Friday night and ‘have some fun,’ but it’s clear desperate Hailey can’t wait to escape him…


Moments after, she called the police and said there was an older guy lurking around on campus offering alcohol to under age girls and he was promptly arrested…

Her boyfriend clearly wasn’t impressed with the creep either.

He said:

Oh he was creep as fuck

You know man, I thought older guys would have been like cooler, but this guy was lame as fuck.

So that all went brilliantly then… Particularly for the guy who ended up in a police car.

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YouTube/To Cheat A Cheater
  1. YouTube/To Cheat A Cheater

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