‘Creepy’ Woman Mysteriously Follows Traveller Round World Copying Her Photos


In what has to be the most 2016 form of stalking (or flattery) ever, a self-taught photographer who travels the world has found a fellow blogger followed her and recreated her images.

Lauren Bullen and her boyfriend Jack Morris jet off across the globe and basically show off their luxurious lifestyle with their insane amount of followers.


But the 23-year-old soon noticed some creepy goings-on from a fellow blogger and their partner, who appeared to be going to the exact same destinations as them and mirroring the photos in exact detail.

Not too surprisingly, Lauren said she was very ‘creeped out’ and ‘disturbed’ when she saw the images according to Daily Mail Australia.


She discovered over 20 images from her and her boyfriend’s Instagram accounts from their travels had been mimicked- even down to the jewellery and accessories they were wearing.

This was probably most prevalent in a photo of the couple in the Sahara Desert, where the copycat has even used the same pillows and decorative arrangements.


In a blog post, Lauren showed her shock at the serious attention to detail by the blogger.

She said:

I don’t promote and tag everything I wear, so that would have taken a lot of time and work, even down to the anklets and necklace. Not to mention the cost of all this – those outfits and accommodations don’t come at a cheap price. A lot of what Jack and I do is work with companies and brands to create imagery and promotion – this is our business and how we are able to continue to create this for everyone.


According to the Daily Mail Australia Lauren has since managed to make contact with the imitator and they are now in the midst of resolving the weird AF situation.

When you willingly share your life with millions of complete strangers, I guess this is just one of the many risks which must come with it.