Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Off £2 Million Diamond Watch

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Cristiano Ronaldo managed to catch a lot of people’s attention at a recent press conference – and it wasn’t just because he’s a very famous footballer, but rather because he was flaunting a diamond watch. 


The Juventus star addressed media on Monday (October 22) ahead of Juventus’ match against his former side, Manchester United.

Although most people were simply there to hear what he had to say, the main issue which seemed to be taken away from the conference by many, was the fact the 33-year-old isn’t afraid to flash his cash.

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According to Forbes, Ronaldo is on track to earn $111 million dollars through the upcoming season, so it’s safe to say he can afford a fancy watch. But I think having a diamond-encrusted one is just showing off.

You don’t need diamonds to be able to tell the time, Ronaldo.

The customised watch appeared to be modelled on the Jacob & Co Caviar Tourbillon range, where an emerald version of the accessory is worth £1.85m.

However, Ronaldo’s diamond-version is likely to be worth even more. It’s been estimated the cost is around the £2 million mark, finished with 424 of the dazzling white gemstones.


424 diamonds. Wow. Surely it must weight him down?

One person compared the cost of it to a mortgage, although I don’t know what kind of £2 million mortgages they’ve been looking at? They must have expensive taste too.

Cristiano Ronaldo Old TraffordPA

The Twitter user wrote:


Did you man see that watch Ronaldo was wearing that’s a mortgage on his wrist. [sic]

Come to think of it , if his watch costs £2 million, I don’t even want to know what Ronaldo’s mortgage would be. If he has one!

However, Ronaldo might need to be wary when he’s out and about after showing off his dazzling wrist-wear to the world, as comedian Michael McIntyre had his £15,000 watch stolen by masked robbers earlier this year.

The comedian was with his 10-year-old son outside a school in north London when the gang, dressed in black, approached his car.

Michael McIntyre WimbledonGetty

A witness told The Sun what happened:

They smashed the window which clearly startled Michael as it would anyone — then he jumped out the passenger’s side and they followed him round.

When he was out of the car they were shouting at him and he flinched as if preparing for a hit, then cowered. They’d obviously said to take his watch off which he did. After that, one jumped on the moped and they sped off like nothing had happened.

Michael just stood there in shock and then comforted his son. It was terrifying to see, so I can’t imagine how they must have felt.

People who saw it were shocked too. No one went to help when it was happening, but it happened so fast, they were gone in seconds.

The comedian managed to remain light-hearted about the incident and cracked a joke about being late to a show just a couple of days later, but I imagine it was definitely a scary experience!

Hold on tight to those diamonds, Ronaldo!

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