Dad Has Brutal Response To Daughter Crying Over A Boy

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Most of us may have experienced embarrassing dad situations at some point in their lives, but this teen’s dad, shut her down, big time. 


The high school girl, Daleynee was on the phone to her friend ranting about a boy drama, when her dad threw her some serious shade.


According to the Daily Mail, The teenager’s dad wasted no time in getting involved and owning her with a brutal response to his clearly devastated daughter.

He did not hold back, sending her a text from the other room, saying for her to, ‘turn down her sad music’ and ‘shut up’ as the boy was ‘ugly.’


Brilliant. Some top class father banter right there.

He’s the harsh message he sent:

Ouch. No flies on him then.


The outraged daughter posted the text online for it to quickly go viral, scoring more than 20,000 likes and 10,000 retweets.

Holy shit.

People even praised her dad’s no messing handling of her love crisis which earned him so serious dad-points.


Here’s the prankster taking a selfie:

With a dad this savage by her side, she won’t be taking any shit of anyone anytime time soon.

Teen boys had better take note and stay well clear, there’ll be no getting past this guy, unless you want to get burnt and publicly shamed on Twitter that is…

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    Dad Has Brutal Response To Daughter Crying Over A Boy