Dad Holds GoPro Backwards To Film Entire Holiday, Hilarity Ensues


Dads and modern technology are just two things that never seem to go hand in hand with one another. Period.

But when Mark Newman lent his old man a GoPro camera to use while on holiday in Amsterdam, he thought he would be capable of using a GoPro properly. But he was wrong, so so wrong.


You might remember that this happened to someone else a few months back and we highly doubted it could possibly happen again, but oh, it has.

69-year-old Howard Newman used the device wrong for the entirety of his trip. He just filmed himself enjoying his holiday, while missing countless landmarks and experiences he had intended to share with the world. Doh!

Mark only noticed the mistake when his dad handed him back the GoPro upon the couple’s return to their home in Hampshire for editing.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mark said: 

He’s not great with technology so I gave him a quick rundown of how the buttons work – not thinking it would be that difficult as there is only three – and set him on his way. Upon uploading the video to edit I put it all together to watch un-edited to see what footage he had captured. It was then that we realised that what he had captured he was just his face due to the fact he thought the lens was the other side.


And the best part? Mark plastered his dad’s embarassing tech blunder all over the internet for our amusement.

Mark added: “My mum was in tears laughing, especially as the bit of filming she did she actually got it around the right way.”

Awkward. But Howard did have an excuse for the fuck up,  blaming the whole thing on the buttons being in the wrong place.


Classic dad behaviour.