Dad Makes Savage Phone Call To Girlfriend While Ex Is In Labour

Channel 4

It’s difficult enough to bring a baby into the world, but when it’s your ex-lover who’s popping out your new sprog, then there’s a whole new heap of complications.

One Born Every Minute has made us laugh, sob and barf over the years; and not many other parents-to-be have elicited so much emotion than ‘friends with benefits’ Stephen and Jodie.

Despite never having official couple status, 22-year-old Stephen and 19-year-old Jodie partook in a fling which ultimately resulted in Jodie pushing out their child during the popular Channel 4 reality show.

True gent Stephen – who’d since moved on to new love Chelsea – stood by Jodie while she suffered through her labour pangs, offering words of support and encouragement.

Channel 4

Viewers cheered the Liverpudlian pair on; impressed by the maturity they showed in putting aside the past in order to focus on the new life they’d created together.

Jodie described the father to be as ‘the funniest guy’, while Stephen declared to an appreciative Twitter-sphere:

I suppose we just want to prove you don’t have to be together to make sure you can be there for your children.

Amen – and I bet we can all think of much older people in our lives who would benefit from this slice of wisdom.

Check out the happy non-couple below:

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However, viewers were less enthused when a ‘tired’ Stephen announced he needed ‘to go and compose’ himself as he felt like he was ‘falling apart’ – this was as Jodie writhed in pain on the hospital bed.

Once outside, Stephen complained about his plight to girlfriend Chelsea:

I just want to go to sleep. It’s f*cking hard work just standing there… God knows what this girl is going through, it’s torture.

Now, this raised the ire of many a Tweeting mum, who were quick to point out how nothing was being forced out from between Stephen’s legs.

Channel 4

One person huffed:

This guy would annoy me he’s crying cause he’s tired what about the poor girl in labour!! [sic]

Another snorted:

This dad crying because he’s tired and it’s ‘hard work’ mate you’re just standing there, you’re not pushing out a baby!! [sic]

However, likeable Stephen’s wit and charm shone through – despite the face-palm worthy phone call – and many viewers were certain they were looking at a stellar future dad.

Many even hoped for the young parents to rekindle their romance, enjoying the easy banter and friendship between the pair.

One person applauded:

What a lovely guy Stephen is! Well Done Stephen, Your family should be so proud of you.

Another gushed:

I want a boyfriend like Stephen from One Born Every Minute.

Their daughter, Harley, was eventually delivered by caesarean section, during what was a very sweet and emotionally charged episode.

Despite viewers wishing for a relationship to blossom, the parents were determined to raise their little girl as friends and we’re certain they’ll do a fantastic job.

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