‘Dad Of The Year’ Built His Kids A Mini Rollercoaster In Back Garden

by : Mike Williams on : 18 Oct 2020 18:39
'Dad Of The Year' Built His Kids A Mini Rollercoaster In Back Garden'Dad Of The Year' Built His Kids A Mini Rollercoaster In Back GardenSiyahLeo/Reddit

Just when you thought those ‘Best Dad in the World’ mugs were officially redundant, along comes the actual greatest dad.

Lockdown has been a testing time for many people across the world, as we find new and inventive ways to pass the time and keep one’s mental health in order.


Well, it appears this dad in particular has ticked several boxes at once – by making a rollercoaster in his garden.

Not only has he found the time to build a functioning attraction in his own back yard, but it’s clearly kept him busy with the construction hobby over a number of weeks. But, more importantly, it’s given his kids something to look forward to and, as it evident in the clip, enjoy immensely.

Watch the heart-warming video of this dad and his daughters having the time of their lives, below:


It’s clear how much the little girls are enjoying themselves, just by the laughs of pure joy we can hear in the 18-second video clip that is eating up the upvotes on Reddit.

But this hands-on dad isn’t the first to have built his children their very own theme park in 2020, as other videos of impressive mini-rollercoasters have emerged to take the internet by storm.

Obviously none can compare to the big hitters, notably the fastest in the world located in Abu Dhabi, which can go from 0 to 240 kilometres an hour, in just 4.9 seconds. Whoosh.

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