Cowards Savagely Beat Dad Trying To Save His Son From Bullies

by : UNILAD on : 03 Dec 2016 16:39

This video of a dad getting beaten up by a gang of kids while trying to protect his son is really difficult to watch.


The clip, which was filmed on a phone, shows the dad saying ‘I thought they were jumping in on him. What would do you if it was your kid?’.

When things appear to be calming down, one guy shoves the father and starts punching him and throwing him to the floor.


With so many guys attacking him, the dad can barely defend himself and his son is also in among the brawl.


The video, uploaded to Reddit from the US, has shocked thousands of people who have viewed it.

One viewer wrote:

Who the hell kicks someone when their back is to them?

Another said:

Wow. Not only did they outnumber the guy by a lot but they literally started kicking him while he was down.


The gang eventually back away and allow the dad to limp back to the car and a girl can be heard talking about calling an ambulance.

Other viewers branded the kids as ‘cowards’. It is horrible to watch and we hope he recovered alright.

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    Dad brutally beaten by school kids while trying to rescue son from fight