Dad Saves Son From Human Traffickers After Bumping Into Him While Shopping


A man in China saved his missing son from human traffickers after he bumped into him while shopping.

The six-year-old boy went missing in 2016, around nine months before he was to be found again.

But the young child Chen Jiafu was spotted out shopping with three men when his father spotted him, according to Weixin.

The father, Chen Zhonghong, immediately called the police who swiftly arrested the group in February 2017.


The incident took place in Matang Village in Qingyuan, and now the three men who were found with the child have been sentenced to up to six years in prison.

The three men received six years, three years and two years respectively, the first man was charged with child trafficking whereas the other two men were charged with child abduction.

Presiding judge Hou Zhaoxing spoke to Chinese media outlet Weixin and differentiated the two crimes through the issue of ‘subjective intent’.

The first man intended to kidnap young Chen Jiafu with the intent of selling him on to another person, which is why he was charged with child abduction and given the longer prison sentence as a result.


The other two men were charged with child abduction, for which the purpose is not to sell the child on.

The crime apparently occurred when Mr Chen left his house to go to work, so left his two children at home to watch TV.

A couple of hours later, a neighbour visited the house and was told by Jaifu’s sister that the boy had been taken by a strange man.

But luckily after months apart, Chen Zhonghong recognised his son when he walked past him in February, and snatched him from the traffickers.


The three men were put on trial on November 10 by the Qingyuan People’s Court.

As well as the lengthier prison sentence, one of the kidnappers received a 10,000 yuan (£1,143) fine for his crimes.