Dad Sends Message To Kids After Getting Where’s Wally Tattoo Emerging From Bum

by : Cameron Frew on : 21 Nov 2019 12:30
Dad Sends Message To Kids After Getting Where's Wally Tattoo Emerging From BumJam Press

Where’s Wally? Crawling out a man’s arse crack, apparently. 

Chris Wight, from Manchester, England, was recently enjoying a holiday in Thailand with his pals.


While out on the lash one night, the 34-year-old indulged in one of the world’s most popular drunken temptations: getting a tattoo.

Check out the video of the man getting his ink below: 


Some people come home with a fridge magnet, but Chris came back with a hilarious tattoo.


Despite getting the iconic, stripey jumper-wearing character tattooed on his bum, the father insists he isn’t actually a fan of tattoos.

However, along with a ‘camel tattoo’ he got on his toe while in Ibiza a few years ago (that coincidentally he also asked for while under the influence), he’s fashioned himself with a permanent keepsake from his trip to Thailand.

Where's Wally Tattoo ManJam Press

The Manchester dad was on Phi Phi island with his friends when he says he was left behind during a boat cruise, and decided to ask the local tattoo artist for the inking – although he admits he has no recollection of ever sitting in the tattoo chair.


Trying to recall getting the tattoo, Chris said: 

I was drunk. I’ve always wanted a Where’s Wally tattoo because my kids love reading the book – as stressful as it is for me! I didn’t even know I had the tattoo until my friend pointed it out. But I remembered the night time book with Dexter, my eldest, was Where’s Wally.

Chris admits he has no idea how much he paid for the tattoo, although he says he ‘vaguely remembers googling the tattoo’ for the artist.

Where's Wally Tattoo ManJam Press

The tattoo appears to have been completed using a traditional stick and poke method, and video footage shows Chris not flinching one bit despite the tender area he chose to have the tat.

The tattoo shows the classic character, known for hiding in fiendishly difficult drawings, attempting to climb out of Chris’s arse crack, with tears falling down his face.

In the video, Chris humourously said: 

When you grow up you’ll understand, kids, you’ll understand. Where’s Wally? And why is your dad such a dickhead? I’ll ring my mum tomorrow and tell her I’ve got another transfer.

Where's Wally Tattoo ManJam Press

What if Chris grows less fond of his Wally over time? Well, there’s always the option to get it removed, but that’ll be pretty painful.

Modern Family actor Sarah Hyland got a tattoo removed from her bum earlier this month – it looks sore, to say the least.

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