Dad Sends Terrifying Photos To His Partner When She Asks If The Kids Are Okay

by : Emily Brown on : 17 Nov 2020 14:26
Dad Sends Terrifying Photos To His Partner When She Asks If The Kids Are Okay onadventurewithdad/Instagram

‘Dad jokes’ are often met with groans of despair and painfully big eye rolls, but with the help of photoshop one dad is so good at making jokes that it’s actually quite scary.

On his hugely popular Instagram page, Kenny Deuss, who lives in Antwerp, Belgium, explains that every Tuesday his partner asks for a photo to check their children are doing okay.


Rather than responding with a reassuring text, Deuss has taken it upon himself to create wild and hilarious images of their children in increasingly dramatic and dangerous situations.

Baby and dad doing extreme cycling (@onadventurewithdad/Instagram)@onadventurewithdad/Instagram

Deuss shared the first images on Instagram towards the end of 2019, and in the months that followed his eldest daughter has been seen sitting on the edge of a cliff, riding a skateboard, and even being held by former US president Donald Trump.

More recently, his children have been seen enjoying some extreme bike riding, being carried off by a seagull and moments away from being abducted by aliens.


Since starting the Instagram page, Deuss has attracted the attention of thousands of people and now has more than 204,000 followers.

His dedication to the project means he posts every few days to keep his followers happy –  and his partner terrified – with followers describing his images as ‘amazing’.


Discussing how he got into the unusual hobby of photoshopping his children, Deuss told Belgium-based newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws that he first began when his girlfriend had to go back to work.


He commented: ‘She kept asking me in messages if I could send a photo, so she knew Alix was safe. Then I decided to make something nice out of it. Each time I showed our daughter in a different dangerous situation.’

Deuss described his girlfriends’ thoughts on the matter as ‘brilliant’, expressing his belief that the first time she ‘probably doubted a bit whether it was real or not.’

Baby on roof of the house (@onadventurewithdad/Instagram)@onadventurewithdad/Instagram

He continued:


Most of the time, I try to edit the photo so it doesn’t look too real. But the point is to make you doubt.

I now take a picture every week. In many photos, I just hold Alix and then cut myself away. Then I add a specific decor to create a dangerous situation.

As for the future of Deuss’ page, he said he wants to keep it going as long as he has inspiration, and with the couple having recently welcomed a second child, the dad will no doubt be having photoshop fun for a long time to come!

See more of Deuss’ child in all kinds of funny situations over on his Instagram.

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Kenny Duess/Instagram
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