Dad Snapchats Daughter Very Inappropriate Valentine’s Message


In what is probably every daughter’s worst nightmare, an unfortunate girl has received an accidental Valentine’s Day Snapchat of her dad’s genitals. 

Robyn Millen, from Brighton, said she ‘wanted to die’ after the ‘inappropriate’ Snapchat of her dad’s junk – which he intended for her mum – appeared in her feed, reports the Mirror.

Outraged, the furious 18-year-old sent a message to her father: “Dad your Snapchat was so inappropriate.”

The fact that he had gone to the trouble of covering his old chap with emojis doesn’t seem to have been much consolation to poor Robyn.

Robyn’s dad had meant to send the photo to her mum, but he accidentally posted it to his ‘story’ feed where it is available for public viewing.

The ‘offending’ image has now gone viral and has been seen by an estimated 1.5 million people, receiving over 17,000 likes along the way.

Her dad, who appears completely unfazed by the whole thing, said: “Sorry, thought I only sent it to mum! Lol. Don’t know how it works.”

Robyn said: “One and half million people have seen it.”

To which her dad shot back: “So what. Nothing to see apart from my legs and those emoji things. I am…amazing.” Robyn said: “I shouldn’t have told him, he’s going to be so annoying.”

Hope there’s some good therapists in the Brighton area…