Dad Steals The Show From Mariachi Band With Incredible Voice

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Sep 2021 15:34
Footage Shows Dads Amazing Voice As He Joins Mariachi Band Mid-Meal@jessixa.m/TikTok

Social media users have been blown away by footage of a dad who ‘took over’ the performance of a mariachi band with some impromptu singing. 

TikToker Jessica was out at a restaurant with her father and listening to the music of the mariachi band when her dad got to his feet and began singing along to the tune.


The father appeared to be having a ball as he confidently recited the song, and his performance became even more impressive when he acquired a violin and started joining in with the other instrumentalists.

Jessica's dad shows off musical talents (@jessixa.m/TikTok)@jessixa.m/TikTok

Members of the band had a smile on their face as they played along with their surprise new member, while customers in the restaurant could be heard echoing Jessica’s cheers with whoops and claps of their own.

The first video of Jessica’s father has been viewed more than seven million times in the two days since she posted it, with the delighted response given by TikTokers prompting Jessica to share even more footage from the scene.


In response to commenters, Jessica explained that her dad had been handed the violin by another member of the band after he blew the crowd away with his singing, adding that in the wake of the video’s success she and her brother were ‘trying to convince’ their dad to make a TikTok of his own.

Alongside the initial video, she wrote: ‘Mexicans am I right.’

Check out the footage below:



In response, one person wrote: ‘I can’t put in to words how beautiful this whole video is. Every little thing about it is perfect.’

Another commented: ‘You can tell his love for music runs deep, always record these beautiful moments’.

Jessica later posted an update in which her father was reacting to all the love he’d received for his performance, writing that her dad was ‘in shock’ and ‘appreciates all the love [viewers] are sending to him’. She added: ‘Omg my dad doesn’t even realise how many more views and comments he has!’

Hopefully Jessica’s dad will continue to share his talents with the world, because there’s no denying how impressive they are!


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