Dad Teaches Babysitter Harsh Lesson After Catching Her Asleep On The Job


Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, but there are some times in life when you just can’t afford to drop the ball.

One of those times is when you’re babysitting somebody else’s children. It’s basic common sense to not be negligent when you’re looking after someone else’s babies.

So when this father returned home soon after leaving his house for work and found his babysitter Sarah taking a nap, he decided to teach her a lesson.


The father, called Christopher, took extreme measures to get payback on his babysitters negligence, and he might have gone too far.

He took his children, without waking her up, and waited for her to realise that the kids had gone.

Christopher begins by intentionally ignoring her calls and pretending he doesn’t have signal. You can tell straight away that Sarah is stressed.


He carries on the charade as she begins to explain what’s happening and he pretends to freak out – as you absolutely would if your kids were missing.


Christopher then really goes for the Oscar with his text-acting and freaks out when babysitter Sarah finally tells him that she has no idea where her kids are.

At this point, the kind thing to do would be to put her out of her misery, you just know she’s been absolutely hysterical since she woke up and discovered the kids were missing.


He eventually reveals to Sarah what’s happened and tells her to leave his house and that he’s informed the police.

Christopher reportedly pressed charges against Sarah for negligence, though was advised nothing would stick. So he took to Facebook to make sure nobody in the local area hired Sarah. The post has since gone viral.


It’s questionable whether Christopher went too far with this one, and the internet has been divided over whether he handled the situation properly.

Either way, it’s certainly one way to get your message across.