Dad Turns Back On Daughter For 10 Minutes, She Devours 18 Yoghurts

by : Lucy Connolly on : 19 Oct 2019 10:35
Dad Turns Back On Daughter For Ten Minutes, She Devours 18 YoghurtsDad Turns Back On Daughter For Ten Minutes, She Devours 18 YoghurtsKennedy News and Media

Food is life. You know it, I know it, and this little girl certainly knows it.


Why? Because she devoured 18 whole yoghurts in less than 10 minutes, a feat even the most experienced foodies of us probably couldn’t easily achieve.

Mischievous Olivia, three, was discovered by her dad, 27-year-old Arron Whysall, last Saturday afternoon (October 12) after he came inside from mending the fence in his garden.

little girl eats 18 yoghurts 3little girl eats 18 yoghurts 3Kennedy News and Media

The three-year-old was sat on the kitchen table surrounded by 18 empty yoghurt pots and was smothered in Petits Filous when Arron, a father-of-two from Nottingham, asked Olivia if she’d eaten all of the yoghurts.


Grinning proudly, Olivia replied ‘yes’, at which point Arron decided to take a picture as proof of his daughter’s antics and posted it on social media – after he’d wiped all the yoghurt off her face though.

The hilarious photo has since been shared more than 10,000 times and shows Olivia looking more than a little bit pleased with herself as she poses with the empty yoghurt pots. I mean, who can blame her?

Little girl eats 18 yoghurtsLittle girl eats 18 yoghurtsKennedy News and Media

So how did it all go down? Well, Arron had taken the opportunity to fix the fencing in their back garden as his fiancée Billie Hardie, 26, was doing her hair and their children were busy ‘doing their own thing’.

Arron kept popping in and out of the house to check on his two children; Olivia was watching TV in the kitchen and her brother Oscar, six, was on his PlayStation in the living room.

Oscar had warned his dad Olivia was eating ‘a yoghurt’, but Arron told him not to worry as he knew the three-year-old could open and eat the Petits Filous on her own, as she had in the past.

However, when Arron went into the kitchen just 10 minutes later, he realised his daughter hadn’t eaten just one yoghurt, but every last one in the fridge.

Little girl eats 18 yoghurts 2Little girl eats 18 yoghurts 2Kennedy News and Media

Arron explained what happened after he discovered Olivia with yoghurt all over her face:

When I found Olivia with all 18 yoghurts, I asked her, ‘Have you eaten all of those?’ and she quite proudly said, ‘Yes’.

She was quite pleased with herself about it. I just thought, ‘Fair enough’. I couldn’t even tell her off for it because it was just too funny. I was more overwhelmed than anything.

I couldn’t believe it. I shouted my partner down and she said, ‘There’s no way she has eaten all of them’. But I told her, ‘I think she has because she’s just told me she has’. It really made us laugh.

Then I thought ‘Why haven’t I taken a photo of this?’. I put it on Snapchat at first, but my friends told me it needed to go on Facebook and it’s gone mad.

Little girl eats 18 yoghurts Little girl eats 18 yoghurts Kennedy News and Media

Billie, a self-employed childminder, buys the dairy snacks in bulk to feed both her own children and those she looks after.

Because of her daughter’s antics though, Billie was forced to go back to the supermarket the following day to buy even more yoghurts – which are now being kept on the top shelf so the cheeky three-year-old can’t reach them.

And Olivia? Well, she was absolutely fine and still managed to polish off her dinner later that night. A true icon of the 21st century, if ever there was one.

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