Dad Who Choked Daughter’s Bully Shares One Insult That Pushed Him Over Edge

by : UNILAD on : 26 Apr 2018 07:59
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A father who tried to choke his daughter’s 15-year-old bully has revealed the final insult that pushed him over the edge.

Mark Bladen, 53, was giving the boy a ‘good old fashioned talking to’ when the boy smiled at him, making him see red instantly.

Recalling the event in a 60 Minutes preview ahead of this Sunday’s full episode, Mark said ‘Dr Jekyll came out’ when he snapped at The Gap skate park in Brisbane last month.


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Video footage released at the time shows Mark yelling and pointing at a 14-year-old boy before he appears to grab him by the neck and start to strangle him.

The man appears to push the boy off the ledge he was sitting on, onto his back, as the teenager struggles and hits the man in the chest.

Moments later the teenager’s friends decide to intervene, yelling:


Get the f*ck off him, get off him!

Bladen’s daughter claimed the child had relentlessly bullied her by calling her names and giving her insulting gifts.

Daughter of dad who choked her bully speaks outDaughter of dad who choked her bully speaks outChannel Nine

She told reporter Liz Hayes:


[He] called me names like gorilla and King Kong, he would buy me shaving cream for Christmas so that I would shave.

Bladen explained that his intention was to give the boy a ‘good old fashioned talking to’ but then he snapped and physically assaulted him.

Friends of Bladen have commended him for protecting his ‘princess’, saying they hoped he ‘would do it again’.

Seven News

One member of Chermside Darts Club said:

He’s got to stand up for his family. I would hope that he would do it again, to be honest.

While a woman, believed to be the mother of the bully victim defended Bladen saying he did ‘what any parent would do’.

Mr Bladen pleaded guilty at Brisbane Magistrates Court on March 20 to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm at a skate park in west Brisbane.


He was sentenced to pay $1000 with no conviction recorded after the court heard he had an exemplary history, including a commendation for his work in Rockhampton following Cyclone Marcia, but he was ordered to pay $500 compensation.

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His victim suffered bruising to his throat and scratches to his limbs in the scuffle, which his friends eventually broke up.

The protective father told police he was ‘aghast’ with his behaviour and apologised to the victim outside of court.

He said:

I’m very sorry for what I did, very regretful and ashamed.

Please don’t do what I did, I just lost control. It’s definitely not the way to handle things

Seven News

In his Channel Nine Interview, Bladen explained how there was too much ‘political correctness in society:

When I was young you treated a lady like a lady and it should be the same way now.

We live in a day of political correctness, and I hate it.

The full episode of 60 Minutes will air on Channel Nine at 8.30pm this Sunday.

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