Dan Bilzerian Reveals Most Unbelievable Bet He’s Ever Placed

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When you’ve ammassed a $150 million fortune from gambling there’s a fair chance that you’ve made a few bizarre bets in your time – and Dan Bilzerian is no exception.

During an interview with American television sports reporter Graham Bensinger Dan revealed a bet that is unimaginable to most of us in the real world.


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While explaining some of his more bizarre bets the 36-year-old revealed:

I flipped a quarter for $6 million, I lost.

That’s $6 million (£4,445,761.86) lost in mere seconds.


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It would take the average person well over 100-years to earn that much money. It would take me 202-years.

But in classic Bilzerian bravado he revealled that he actually prefers losing money quickly on things like coin-flips:

If I bet half a million on a football game, I’ll be watching the football game. [But a coin flip] It’s like quick, it’s like done. You don’t have to sweat.


If I lost £6 at this point of the month I’d be absolutely furious for the rest of the day. But nope, not Dan, ‘I was like whatever, f**k it, you know.’

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Just another example of how Dan Bilzerian’s life is quite different from my own. As if I needed more examples than his 1,218 Instagram posts.

You can watch Dan being interviewed by Graham Bensinger here:


What is the most you would bet on a coin flip? I’m not sure that I’d be prepared to bet more than the value of the coin this far from payday.

Gambling may be fun for the likes of Dan Bilzerian who has $150 million to flit away on coin flips but for every Dan there’s a lot of people who struggle to control their spending, if you’d like to reduce what you spend on gambling you can get help and advice here.

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