Dating Site For Men With Large Penises Joined By Hundreds Of Women In One Week

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Dating Site For Men With Large Penises Joined By Hundreds Of Women In One WeekPexels

A dating site aimed specifically towards men with above-average penises – and anyone who prefers a larger member, of course – has seen nearly 400 women join in just one week.

The app, aptly named Big One, is open to men who would consider themselves to be slightly more well-endowed in that area. In other words, anything bigger than 5.5 inches when erect.


The founder of the site explained that Big One helps men find a match who won’t be shocked or put off by their size – something which might otherwise happen, he said.

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David Minns, founder of Big One Dating, has previously argued that some men find it harder to achieve sexual satisfaction when they have a bigger penis. Although, if the new figures are anything to go by, this isn’t stopping people from signing up to the app.

The app’s latest recruits include 391 women and 833 men, with 38% of those joining in Sheffield being women. In Coventry, the proportion was 36% and in Leeds, 34%. This fell to 29% in London, 26% in Liverpool and 19% in Cardiff.


Minns said, as per The Sun:

It seems size really does matter, for some ladies at least. During lockdown we insist members size each other up and only start dating when it’s safe.

The founder of the site also said people can block those who might be lying about the size of their penis, adding: ‘We have introduced a “not big enough” report button’.

Big One DatingBig One Dating

There’s only one issue with the above: it’s been proven time and time again that size really doesn’t matter. Sure, it’s depicted that way in porn and, as such, pressure is put on guys to be a certain size, but at the end of the day it simply isn’t true.

Silva Neves, a psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples who have sexual and relationship problems, told UNILAD that, while women might fantasise about penises that are larger than average, this does not extend to real life.

He explained:

In terms of sexual satisfaction – away from fantasy and in the actual doing – many women do not think the size of the penis matters for pleasure. In fact, many women report that penetration is not even needed for an orgasm. Although large penises may be erotic to look at and easy to fantasise about, they are not always practical or pleasurable for women.

Large penises may have a psychological appeal as they may give an illusion of strength or fertility. Again, this is more fantasy-based as there isn’t any evidence that men with big penises are stronger or better in any way than men with average penises.

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According to the NHS, most men’s penises are somewhere around 3.75 inches when not erect – although ‘it’s normal for them to be shorter or longer than this’ – while the average erect penis size varies from between five inches and seven inches.

While Big One caters for those with larger-than-average penises, its founder has also created Dinky One – which now has approximately 70,000 members, according to Minns – which is only eligible for those who are deemed below-average.

Minns previously said he created the site to help those men who are made to feel ‘self-conscious’ about the size of their appendage due to the ‘ideals set by TV, film and even porn’ and that he was keen to cater for both markets – small and large.

Dating Site For Men With Small Penises Just LaunchedPexels

Dating Site For Guys With Large Penises Launches After Success Of Dinky One

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Basically, the moral of the story is that size really doesn’t matter – even if you’ve grown up believing so and even if you’ve been told otherwise.

Don’t believe me? Just listen to the experts!

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