Daughter’s Tattoo Tribute To Dad ‘Half-Finished’ Because It Was Too Painful

by : Emily Brown on : 24 Aug 2019 14:49
Girl gets failed tribute tattoo to her dadGirl gets failed tribute tattoo to her dadLauryn Bowie/Instagram/George Bowie/Twitter

A teenager who attempted to get some ink in tribute to her father had to stop halfway through because it was too painful, leaving her with a bit of a tattoo. Or rather, a tattoo of ‘Bits’. 


18-year-old Lauryn is the daughter of Scottish DJ and radio presenter George Bowie, known for GBX Anthems. She’s currently on holiday in Magaluf with 60 – yes, 60 – friends and so, being a teenager on holiday in Magaluf, she decided to get a tattoo.

However, rather than getting a stranger’s name, the words ‘Maga 2019’ or a penis tattooed, the teen opted for a more meaningful piece of work.

As a nod to one of her dad’s hit singles, Lauryn chose to get the words ‘Bits’n’Pieces’ inked on the side of her foot; a notoriously painful spot when it comes to tattoos.


It seems the 18-year-old was confident she’d be able to handle the pain, though, and so the tattoo artist got to work, successfully inking the word ‘Bits’ in black.

However, those first four letters obviously proved to be excruciating, to the point where Lauryn had to ask the artist to stop. She couldn’t endure any more pain and so she was left simply with the word ‘bits’ permanently inscribed on to her body.

The teen relayed the experience to her dad, who found it so hilarious he just had to share it with the world.

Taking to Twitter, George wrote:

So my daughter, who’s in Maga with 60 mates, decides to get Bits And Pieces tattooed on her foot as a tribute to her Dad. But it was too sore, so she got the guy to stop halfway through and this is what she’s left with.

The post gained thousands of likes from amused followers, much to the dismay of an embarrassed Lauryn.

She shared one post about her story on Twitter and responded:


ahahahhahahahha naw a am hibernating for the foreseeable future.

It seems the 18-year-old had planned to keep the blunder a secret from her mum but with photos of her foot now shared far and wide across the internet, it’s likely the jig is up.

George retweeted a news article about his daughter and tweeted:

Ha ha @laurynbowiee looks like we might have to tell your Mum after all.

It would be interesting to see if Lauryn decides to have a second attempt at getting the tattoo or whether she’ll cut her losses and stick with ‘Bits’, but either way she’ll definitely keep people entertained when she reveals the origin of the ink.

George Bowie's daughter gets failed tribute tattoo to her dadGeorge Bowie's daughter gets failed tribute tattoo to her dadLauryn Bowie/Facebook

Of course, there is one pressing question which hasn’t yet been answered. How on earth did Lauryn find 60 friends to go on holiday with?! I’m not sure I even know 60 people.

As it turns out, her dad tweeted that information, too, revealing the group consisted of Lauryn’s entire school year who were celebrating the end of classes.

With that many people hitting the streets of Magaluf I’m sure Lauryn won’t be the only one to come home with an embarrassing tattoo!

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