David Hasselhoff’s Been Training With The Rock, And It’s Paying Off


It’s pretty well known that Zac Efron turned to the ripped ‘Rock’ to get in shape for the Baywatch movie, and now another star’s gone to the The Rock’s training program to get in shape for the movie. 

The original star of Baywatch David Hasselhoff will be returning to LA’s beaches for the big screen reboot of the popular TV series and apparently The Hoff needed to get back in shape for it, Vulture reports.

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Thankfully Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is starring in the film and the man mountain was more than happy to give Hoff a hand.

And to be fair, looking at this Instagram post he’s done a pretty good job.

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Okay, he may not look as good as The Rock, but when you consider The Rock’s insane diet and training regime plus the fact he’s way younger than The Hoff, you’ve got give the guy credit.

The Baywatch crew will be splashing into theatres in 2017.