Deadly Social Media Game Linked To 130 Teen Deaths Claims Latest Victim


Blue Whale Challenge, the horrendous ‘suicide game’ has already been linked to 130 deaths and now it has claimed another victim…

The disturbing craze has swept across the world, capturing the attention of vulnerable teenager’s and school children and luring them into taking part of the sadistic challenge, Newsly reports.

The dark ‘game’ is thought to be behind 130 child suicides already and now a Spanish teenager has been taken to hospital after also taking part on the unnerving challenge.

Luckily, the 15-year-old girl’s parents found out she was involved in the morbid trend and told emergency services.
The young girl has now been hospitalised and is receiving treatment in a psychiatric hospital in Barcelona.

Worryingly, the teen received a message from someone on the internet who asked her if she wanted to commit suicide, before sending her sick instructions on how to do so.

According to reports from radio station SER, the girl agreed to this tasks and to send pictures of proof she was doing it.

She was also told to delete all messages online exchanged between the girl and the mysterious ‘master,’ so there was no trace of the creep’s whereabouts…

The next series of events are hugely horrifying, as she allegedly took part in a new challenge each day, including self-harming herself and watching trains speed by in apparent ‘preparation,’ for the next stage…

The teenager is believed to have been part of a ‘challenge’ which involved committing suicide by throwing herself under a train.

Before this incident, the ‘craze,’ was thought to have been isolated in Russia, but now it seems to be spreading through Europe too.

A recent incident involves two teenage school girls, Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16 who fell from the roof of a block of flats in Ust-Ilimsk, Russia.

To add to the disturbing nature of this whole thing, both girls left a note on their social media pages, hinting to their grim ending.

Yulia wrote ‘End,’ alongside a picture of a whale and Veronika hauntingly posted: Sense is lost…End.

The hideous ‘game’ involves multiple task designed to completely crush and destroy the young people until they’ve lost all sense of worth and ultimately, kill themselves.

Some of the tasks include cutting a whale shape into their skin, aswell as watching scary films all day and setting their alarms for 4:20am.

After the huge amount of teenagers, thought to have committed suicide as a result of the game, police and school teachers are now warning children and parents of the danger of this frightening trend.

The headteacher of Woodlands School in Basildon is obviously so concerned about the welfare of the kids, he has now sent a letter out to parents.

It read:

We have discovered a game through the police which we feel you should be aware of.
It is called the Blue Whale Game and is played via many many social media platforms.
Players are given a master who controls them for 50 days and each day they are given a task to complete.
On the 50th day the masters behind the game instruct the young people to commit suicide and sadly across the world some have done this.

The whole thing is extremely tragic.