Designer Says He Put Up The Isle Of Wight Monolith

by : Cameron Frew on : 08 Dec 2020 15:20
Designer Says He Put Up The Isle Of Wight MonolithBBC Radio Solent/Twitter/Alice Williams/Facebook

A British designer says he’s responsible for erecting the Isle of Wight monolith. 

At least one of 2020: A Space Odyssey’s monoliths has been debunked. After a strange, metallic structure was found in Utah’s Red Rock desert, others started appearing across the world in California, Romania, the Netherlands, Colombia and the Isle of Wight.


However, the answer to how to the latter seaside monolith came to be isn’t as exciting as the handiwork of aliens, or a mysterious art group working in the shadows. Tom Dunford, a resident on the island, revealed: ‘I did it purely for fun.’

Ever since the structure was discovered on Compton Beach, many questions have been posed regarding its origins. It turns out Tom was just having a bit of a laugh.

The 29-year-old, from Fishbourne, told BBC Radio Solent: ‘If the aliens were to come down I think they’d go for the safest place which is the Isle of Wight in tier one. I was convinced it would be stolen in the first couple of hours.’


The designer continued:

When I saw the first one pop up [in Utah] I thought it was brilliant, the second one popped up and I had a text from a friend which said ‘you’re the man that can do this on the island’. I’m absolutely fascinated in futuristic design, science and space. The actual idea sparked when I was walking back to the office and we had an old sheet of mirrored perspex.

Tom said: ‘I’m one of these guys, once I get a creative streak I have to just go for it.’ So, at 4.00am on Sunday, December 6, he popped down to the beach to install the monolith.


However, while he was aware of the hysteria around the original structure, he didn’t expect his humble monolith to attract so much media attention. He added: ‘I’m going to leave it and let people take photos and go and collect it in a couple of days.’


Another Monolith Has Mysteriously Appeared, This Time On An Isle Of Wight Beach

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Crowds have been gathering on the beach to photograph and pose next to the monolith, but the island is watching the area closely to make sure there’s not too many people in close proximity.

When earlier quizzed about the island’s creation, The Most Famous Artist, a group which seems to have taken credit for Utah’s vanished structure, said: ‘The monolith is out of my control at this point. Godspeed to all the aliens working hard around the globe to propagate the myth.’


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