Dirt Bike Gender Reveal Almost Runs Over Expecting Mum

by : Cameron Frew on : 22 Nov 2021 07:54
Dirt Bike Gender Reveal Almost Runs Over Expecting Mum@jus_mik_/TikTok

A couple’s gender reveal gimmick nearly saw the mother run over with a dirt bike.

While becoming increasingly popular in recent years, gender reveal parties have also attracted criticism, whether it’s because people believe they reinforce outdated ideas about gender, or the methods that soon-to-be parents use to announce whether their child is a boy or girl have been known to cause mayhem – or example, Kingston’s ‘earth-shaking’ explosion.


Nevertheless, mums and dads all around the world still enjoy marking the occasion with a cloud of pink or blue, usually employed by a balloon, a pop-up box or something similar. This couple decided to use a dirt bike – fortunately, nobody was hurt.

On TikTok, @jus_mik_ shared a clip of a couple ready to announce their baby’s gender. At first, it seems like they’re about to pop a balloon – especially considering it actually reads, ‘He/She? Pop to see!’

However, the unnamed man starts revving up his bike, before it suddenly moves forward and nearly runs over the expecting mum’s foot. He somewhat loses control of the bike, before it lets off a big puff of blue from the back wheels. ‘It’s a boy!’ someone shouts in the background, while the couple seem to laugh it off. They eventually pop the balloon too.


‘How TikTok stars are made,’ the TikToker wrote, while the video also has a warning that reads, ‘The action in this video could result in serious injury.’

The couple's gender reveal didn't go to plan. (@jus_mik_/TikTok)@jus_mik_/TikTok

The clip has amassed more than 76,000 views. ‘Rookie can’t even handle a bike how ya gonna handle a baby,’ one user commented. ‘Training wheels for you I think,’ another wrote. ‘Tell me you can’t ride without telling me you can’t ride,’ a third wrote.

Others have criticised the man for appearing to check on the bike before his partner. ‘When he’s more worried about the bike than saying sorry to her,’ one wrote, while another defended him, commenting, ‘Everyone’s human mistakes can happen, least [it] looks like misso is okay and not hurt.’


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