Disney Monopoly Is Here In Time For Christmas

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With Christmas only two months away Disney and Monopoly have you covered to keep your pesky relatives entertained.

Most people love Christmas, but for me – an unapologetic cynic – I find the celebration of Christmas quite tedious.

For the Christmas specials like Eastenders are so purposely depressing it makes you want to cut something other than the turkey, also you’re stuck with relatives who are so boring and make you feel uncomfortable a stint in Guantanamo Bay sounds more appealing.

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Luckily these two scenarios can be easily solved – the first is after Christmas dinner you can go upstairs, lock your bedroom door and not watch morbid Christmas time soaps. With the latter all you have to do is break out a good old game of Monopoly.

What better way to enjoy the Christmas spirit and make sitting with your family just a bit bearable than playing a board game where you channel your inner Gordon Gecko.

If you like the idea of playing Monopoly but the don’t like the design of the board game which includes a chap that looks like an evil concoction of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Paul Daniels, there’s a wholesome Disney version which won’t make you feel as bad.

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The makeover of the popular family game (which is probably responsible for a few strained sibling relationships and a divorce here and there) not only redesigns the board in all its Disney cuteness but also the counters.

In place of the old boot, race car, dog and top hat you get Cinderella’s glass slipper, Aladdin’s genie lamp, the circus tent from Dumbo and Captain Hook’s hook from Peter Pan.

It’s is still played in the traditional Monopoly way of course, however instead of playing for property of on Park Lane and Regent Street you’re splashing your Disney dollars on castles and cottages while you avoid bankruptcy and make sure you bleed every single penny out of your opponents.

Amazon / Disney

Real wholesome Disney values.

I can picture it now, I buy all the property on the board and then tell my cousins to get the hell out my house – and no Christmas dinner leftovers for you on the way out.