Dog Can’t Work Out Why Mannequin Won’t Pet Him

Dog and mannequin@sporty_thedog/Instagram

Being an adorable, fluffy pooch with exceedingly strokable fur is no easy job.

Each day Sporty, from Chicago, must deal with fawning humans cooing over him and reaching from all directions to pat his precious, silky head.

However, the poor golden retriever has been left bamboozled by a very unfriendly human indeed; who just couldn’t be tempted by his good natured grin and all round good boy ways.

The aloof human in question was sat in the middle of a clothing store; modelling some stylish togs. Little did Sporty know he was trying to befriend a mannequin…

Footage of this disastrous encounter has gone viral, and luckily, plenty of real humans are queueing up to give sweet Sporty a big hug.

In the video, Sporty can be seen wearing a very cosy looking Barbour jacket while gazing up at the hooded mannequin with his lead in his mouth and his tail wagging hopefully.

Every now and then he looks at his owner with an expression of complete confusion. His world of snuggles and walkies has been thrust into chaos.

His owner sympathises and offers words of encouragement to his confused yet determined pet, ‘Who is that Sporty? Why isn’t he petting you? Lean on him!’

In the comment section, his owner explained:

he walks up to people just for love and EVERYONE pets him so he’s confused! He keeps trying. [sic]

Those who’ve watched the video have fallen in love with silly Sporty, and feel very sorry to see him experience such a bitter rejection.

One person tearfully declared:

No matter if you’re not alive! If a dog comes to you like that you must pet it!

Another said:

To not pet sporty seems tasteless, borderline unpatriotic…

Fortunately, Sporty has since been inundated with petting requests from his 42,000 Instagram followers, which should no doubt help him through this current existential crisis.

Instagram star Sporty is an extraordinary, smart and independent pup who can even reportedly take himself for walks, a skill I’m sure many dogs would envy.

A video of Sporty taking a solitary stroll captured hearts worldwide back in 2017, earning him well-deserved respect in dog-liking circles. Many fans have praised his calm nature and ability to cross roads safely.

One person wrote:

Wait – he knows when to walk across the street and when not to?! Smart dog.

Another joked:

When they tell you the dog must be on a leash. They didn’t say who had to walk it.

Hopefully the mannequin’s frosty greeting will not put Sporty off from being the friendly sweetheart his fans know and love. Never change Sporty!

Find out more about the adventures on Sporty on his Instagram page.

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