Dog Has Incredible Recovery After Vet Rescues Him From Death


An adorable pup is now on the road to recovery after a vet rescued him from a pound, just hours before he was scheduled to be put down.

When Rem was dropped off at Vet Ranch, he was terrified of people, blind and malnourished. So no-one wanted to adopt him.

Vet Ranch/YouTube

Even when he first entered the charity, he cowered behind a chair in fear. Rem was blind because he had overdosed on medication after being treated poorly at the pound.

So Dr. Matt bathed him, looked for scabs and assessed the damage done. After a few days of love and care, Rem felt a bit better, but this was only the beginning of his lengthy recovery.

Vet Ranch/YouTube

Dr. Matt took him to back to his house and gave the dog constant love and attention, and Rem responded amazingly well.

Rem was much happier now and in a matter of months, he was nursed back to health. Eventually Rem could even see again. 

He just looks like a completely different dog now and it really shows how much a bit of compassion can go such a long way.

Vet Ranch/YouTube

Rem is now ready for a family to come and adopt him and we think he will be snapped up in no time.