Donald Trump Jr Mocked For Claiming He Is A Builder In George Floyd Mural Tweet

by : Daniel Richardson on : 14 Jul 2021 15:52
Donald Trump Jr Mocked For Claiming He Is A Builder In George Floyd Mural TweetPA Images

Donald Trump Jr is being ridiculed for claiming he’s a builder and that George Floyd’s mural being destroyed was an act of God.

On July 13, a brick wall that had a mural of George Floyd fell during a storm. The mural was built by the ‘community outreach in north Toledo, Ohio, in memory of George Floyd and all the people who died from police brutality’.


The mural was reportedly struck by lightning, leading to bricks being blown out and resulting in the wall falling apart. However, in a statement, Trump Jr voiced a different opinion about the cause of the fall.

Although many would simply expect another mural to take its place on a different wall, Trump Jr believes the incident may be connected to God.

In a tweet responding to the news of the fallen mural, Trump Jr wrote:


It’s almost like a higher power is telling us something.

When was the last time you heard of a brick building being destroyed by lightning? I am a builder and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of it.

Of course, many would be keen to note the destruction of one of the hundreds of murals dedicated to George Floyd being connected to a higher power defies both logic and belief. However, the vast majority of people took issue with Trump Jr’s building credentials.


A large portion of Trump Jr’s career has been within his father’s companies. As a result, it is understandable that people have doubts about the businessman’s ability to build. In fact, one person responded, ‘Strap on a construction belt and put him in the middle of a building crew and they will laugh his a** right on out of there, pronto…’ Another simply added, ‘Dude. You’re not a builder.’

Others took the time to try to explain how the lightning would have impacted the wall, ‘The strike blew out some bricks. Happens with chimneys all the time.’ Despite the logic, the businessman did not respond to any of the tweets that mocked or corrected him.


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Though it may be hard to picture Trump Jr on a building site, he has supervised building projects, which included 40 Wall Street and Trump International Hotel. Nonetheless, supervising and actively contributing or planning a build are different things.

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