Donald Trump’s Penis Size Could Make You A Lot Of Money

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When Marco Rubio originally made the claims about Donald Trumps ‘size’, you just knew he wouldn’t take it lying down. 

In response, The Donald drew more attention to his dick size in a GOP debate (because that’s where the state of U.S. politics is at now folks), saying that he has ‘no problem’ in that area.

So it was only a matter of time that Paddy Power got hold of this subject and turned it into a pretty solid bet.

paddy_powerPaddy Power

Question is, how you would ever get a return on this bet? Are Paddy Power just going to go all in, jet out to the U.S. and pull his trousers down when he’s not looking?

Probably not, but it’s a bloody good laugh anyway. The odds don’t seem to be statistical in any way, shape or form, but they’re leaning towards an average dick size of six inches.

In a statement, Paddy Power said:

Unfortunately we have very little insight into what lies beneath trump’s drawers. The odds are leaning towards an above average manhood due to Trump being 6’1″. It’s not much but it’s the only indicator we have bar his own word, which we’re not taking on face value.

You and I both. But if you’re one of those who takes all of Donald Trump’s claims at face value, perhaps you should go for 3-1 at his penis being bigger than nine inches. Probably not a banker though.

Our bet of the week, however, would be to go for the cheeky outside shot of 50-1 for it being smaller than four inches.

56bcb8491a00002d00ab2770 (1)Illma Gore

Trump obviously needs to whip it out and settle these bets once and for all- it’s the only logical solution .