Doting Dad Takes His Daughter On Cutest First Date

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 28 Aug 2018 11:13
dad takes daughter on datedad takes daughter on dateAaron Dickson

Letting your daughter go out on dates can be a minefield for dads.

You don’t want to be overprotective and you can’t shelter your little one forever. But on the other hand you don’t want her dating an uncouth piece of garbage either.

Of course, when your daughter is only three, dating isn’t exactly the main thing to worry about. There are other pressing issues such as which kid might’ve pushed her down in the playground, what she’s going to eat for tea, and how early is too early to make her go to bed so you can get some peace and quiet.


This doting dad, however, is embracing the opportunity to take his young daughter out her first date, thereby hopefully instilling in her a positive role model and a healthy attitude in future relationships.

Check out the heartwarming scenes here:

The video, posted by Aaron Dickson, starts with him getting suited up in time for the date. Walking out the door, he turns right back around to meet his very excited daughter, Analynne, at the door.


‘Wow, you are so beautiful,’ he says to her.

She responds: ‘Hi dad, are you ready for the date?’

The pair then proceed to a table for two in the garden, complete with a bouquet of red roses, princess-themed cups and utensils, and even a waiter to serve them their food and drinks.

The duo then enjoyed a meal of sandwiches, carrots and strawberries before strolling over to the playground for some quality daddy and daughter time.


Some dads could learn a lesson or two here. Like Russian rapper Timati, whose four-year-old daughter got so fed up with him not paying her any attention she grabbed his phone and threw it in the sea.

I know the feeling. I get fed up myself with how much time I spend on my phone and often fight the urge to chuck it in the river on my walk home.

Rapper Timati seemed to be living a stress-free life shortly before this video was taken. He was relaxing on a yacht in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, engaged in a phone call while he lay on a sun lounger.


His four-year-old daughter, however, had other ideas.

Check it out:

The girl, named Alisa, grabbed her dad’s phone and threw it into the water, before turning back with a grin to find her dad giving her a look of shock and confusion.


Judging by their surroundings, I reckon Timati will be able to afford a new phone. So no harm there. He may have some explaining to do to whoever he was talking to on the phone, though.

Despite the quite dramatic move Alisa had to make to get her father’s attention, the phone-throwing seemed to pay off, as Timati went on to post a video of himself and his little girl spending some quality time together.

Though some people might say it’s staged, it at least shows the importance of spending time with your kids, even if it does cost you a phone.

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