Down’s Syndrome Baby Dies In Mother’s Arms Weeks Before Second Birthday


Colton Murray, a 23-month-old child who has won over the hearts of millions across the world, passed away on Saturday morning.

Colton long acted as an ambassador for children with Down’s Syndrome and those supporting them, and amassed a huge following online.

Colton was born with Down’s Syndrome, a multitude of congenital heart defects and Hirschprung’s disease.

During his life, he underwent many surgeries, hospitalisation, and other complications from lung disease, kidney disease and infections.

Yesterday morning, Colton was struggling to breathe. His airway was closing off (likely from the infection just like…

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The announcement of Colton’s death was posted to his Facebook page by his mother Kim Murray.

She wrote:

Very early this morning, he passed away in my arms. Colton was the centre of our world. Everything we’ve done these last two years have revolved around him.

Our baby boy is gone. Hayden’s little brother. His best friend. I’m not sure how we go on, but I know we will, for H.

Please don’t forget him. Say his name, think about him, & if you do anything in his memory, please tell us about it. We want his memory to live on forever.

I can't even begin to express how heartbroken we are. Many of you have realized that I've been avoiding all messages for the time being. I plan on getting to them as I'm feeling better. Although avoiding communication with others right now, I have opened up social media from time to time simply because I'm astounded by the outpouring of love & support. I know Colton was an absolutely amazing boy, but I hadn't truly realized just how many others saw it too. Thank you for loving our son. I'm attaching posts from news stations & the community so when I'm ready, I can easily access them to read the comments. It's heartwarming to see how he has touched the lives of others. If you find any that I haven't posted, please share the links in the comments on this post. I know some of you are worried about big brother Hayden. We didn't know if he would understand, but as we continue discussing it, he is comprehending well. Telling him was so hard because his eyes filled with tears as he'd ask "why." Many times, we find him saying that he wishes Colton could be here for Christmas. …and "all the Christmases." Us too buddy, us too. As for gifts that have been sent to Colton, we are planning on unwrapping them on Christmas day so we can visualize what it'd be like if he were still here to play with the items that were specifically picked out just for him. Unopened gifts will then be set aside for a hopeful Christmas in July project I want to do in his memory for Riley Hospital. Taking note from a friend, I don't want to see his stocking empty this year. I will also post an address in the next couple of days for people to send notes of memory, encouragement, & good deeds done in his memory for us to open on Christmas day. *We have not finalized arrangements yet, but should know them by tomorrow evening. * Additional links on FB #ColtonStrong #tricuspidatresia #hypoplasticrightventricle #tetrologyoffallot #unbalancedavcanal #chd #heartwarrior #hearthero #hirschsprungsdisease  #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #dsdn #trisomy21 #t21 #theluckyfew #downrightperfect #littlebrother #tubie #rip

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Colton’s parents only discovered the young boy had Down’s Syndrome after his birth in December 2015.

He died on Saturday morning at Riley Children’s Hospital after complications after struggling to breathe. Doctors had to intubate young Colton before his blood pressure plummeted.

Kim said:

Thank you all so so much for praying for our little boy. Last Christmas morning when he crashed, I asked for a miracle, & I got one. Then he continued to defy the odds for so long.

We are so so very proud of him. His strength was amazing. He will now spend the holidays with his papa Greg & his cousin Lucas.

We love you Colton. We ALL love you so so so much.

Colton's obituary #ColtonStrong

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As well as being born with Down’s Syndrome, Colton was also born with one, rather than two, heart ventricles. Even among those with Down’s Syndrome, this is rare.

Colton underwent multiple surgeries, including an open-heart surgery, but with little success.

Colton did much during his short time on Earth, including appearing on the National Down’s Syndrome Society’s annual Times Square video presentation to help start off Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month in October.

The Down’s Syndrome community and other supporters of the Murray family have taken to social media to share their memories of Colton, and to share their sympathies.

One user wrote:

I’m so sad. To wake up this morning & read that little @coltonstrong_hw had past [sic] away in his mothers arms is just heartbreaking.

Even though he was very sick his Facebook posts showed the world so much.

Another tweeted:

This little boy defied the odds over and over. Please join me in lifting the Murray family in love and prayers for strength, comfort and peace.

We love you, Colton.

He is survived by his brother Hayden, his mother and his father, Matt. The family have asked for contributions to be made to the Riley Children’s Foundation in lieu of flowers.