Dramatic Clip Shows Hero Cop Save Kid From Oncoming Car


Dramatic dashcam video has emerged showing the moment a police officer saves a child from a moving car.

The video was filmed on the dashcam of driver Tatianna Dushuk in the city of Viciebsk in Belarus – about 175 miles northeast of Minsk, near the Russian border, reports Meduza.

The footage clearly shows the police officer rescue a child from oncoming traffic, pulling the boy out of harm’s way and allowing himself to be hit by the car.


The officer, Sergei Batalko, says the driver failed to stop for pedestrians and also drove in the lane for trolley cars.

He told local news reporters:

The driver didn’t see the boy. Well, and then I turned up, I scooped him up, and covered him with my body.


It was later uploaded to the social media channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who released a statement saying the officer escaped with only minor bruises on his shins as a result of the incident, but that the child was unharmed.

What a hero.