Dramatic Footage Shows Hero Dad Save Son From Speeding Car


CCTV footage has captured the dramatic moment a heroic dad saves his son from being hit by a car at high speed.

A young boy is first seen by the side of the road – somewhere in Ukraine – on his own. His dad then comes into the clip, when his son dashes towards a busy road.

Rusleak *World/YouTube

His dad runs after his little lad in an attempt to stop him running into oncoming traffic. He finally grabs hold of him, but he doesn’t have time to take him off the road, and has to push him away before taking the impact from the upcoming car.

The car sends the dad flying, off to the side of the road and his son is seen lying face down nearby.

Rusleak *World/YouTube

The car  suddenly stops and the driver rushes on to the scene, along with passersby to help the pair.

They first check the young lad, before turning their attention to the dad who took the brunt of the car impact.

Rusleak *World/YouTube

Amazingly, they both survived the ordeal.