Driver Caught Doing 136mph On Motorway Has Awful Excuse

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Driver Caught Doing 136mph On Motorway Has Awful ExcuseWest Yorkshire Police/Triangle News

A BMW driver’s excuse for being caught speeding near Huddersfield has left police and members of the public utterly gobsmacked. 

The driver had been travelling at almost twice the motorway’s speed limit of 70mph, when he was pulled over near junction 23 of the M62.


Upon being caught doing 136mph, the owner of the BMW decided to blame his speeding on not his driving, but a factor of the car, giving an excuse almost as bad as claiming the dog ate your homework.

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The driver told officers that his speeding was caused by his car’s expensive petrol, branding it, ‘super-fuel’, the Mirror reports.

Traffic officer for the West Yorkshire Police, Martin Willis, known as ‘Motorway Martin’, who responded to the incident, even took to posting an image of the white BMW 1-Series on Twitter as a warning to members of the public against speeding on motorways.


He said: 

Filling your fuel tank with super fuel and not realising how fast you are going, doesn’t really cut it with me.

Especially at 66mph above the speed limit, and having just left roadworks that were down one lane.

Willis concluded by saying that it would ‘be nice’ if motorway police were allowed to ‘shred driving licences on the spot’.


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The post amassed hundreds of likes, with members of the public equally as outraged by the driver’s excuse. One said: ‘If you can afford super [fuel], you can clearly afford the massive fine.’

Another said:

Would you like me to buy you an in car shredder for Christmas. Disgusting. Should be life time ban. 30mph over speed limit is instant ban so why can’t 60mph over speed limit be lifetime ban

A third wrote: ‘People doing that type of speed deserve prison time. The consequences of a crash are unthinkable.’


The reckless driving follows a series of incidents caused by drivers ignoring the speed limit in 2019, which saw a total of 2,913 minorly injured, 1,535 badly injured and 215 people killed.

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