Driver Has So Much Rubbish In Car They Couldn’t Get Handbrake On And Crashed

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Jun 2019 13:41
Driver Has So Much Rubbish In Car They Couldn't Get Handbrake On And CrashedDriver Has So Much Rubbish In Car They Couldn't Get Handbrake On And CrashedHants Roads Policing/Twitter

Police shared pictures of a trash-filled car after the driver crashed because they couldn’t get the handbrake on as a result of the mess. 


We all know someone who’s guilty of using their car as a rubbish bin, forcing passengers to clear fast-food containers, empty bottles and discarded wrappers out of the way before being able to sit down, but this car is on another level.

I’d say it’s more of a landfill site than a rubbish bin and there’s definitely no room for passengers.

Driver crashes because of trash in carDriver crashes because of trash in carHants Roads Policing/Twitter

The photos were posted on social media by Hants Roads Policing, part of the Hampshire Police, who explained the driver rolled back into a parked vehicle because they were unable to engage the handbrake.


The car was packed to the brim with discarded items, including full plastic bags and old papers, as well as what appeared to be a lampshade, an upturned stool, a fan and a bucket.

Many of the items were strewn around the driver’s seat and under the pedals, making it a wonder the driver could get anywhere in the first place.

Trash ridden carTrash ridden carHants Roads P

It’s impossible to even see the handbrake amid the chaos, so it’s no wonder the owner was unable to get it on.

The police wrote on Twitter:

Boris Johnson’s car is a dream compared to this one! Driver couldn’t get the hand brake on and rolled back into a parked vehicle. I wonder why?

The Conservative party leadership candidate’s car came under ridicule last week after photos emerged showing his Toyota Previa GX with clothes thrown across the backseats, mud smeared across the upholstery and water bottles and empty coffee cups on the floor.


It’s unclear how bad the damage from the crash was and the police did not mention whether the driver of the messy car got into trouble but the accident certainly proves how dangerous it can be to have that amount of rubbish in your car.

Hopefully the incident will have encouraged the driver to clean up the mess. It would be a time consuming job but at least they’d be able to rely on the handbrake once it was finished!

The moral of the story is; keep your car clean. It’s a much better alternative to risking your life and having to fix damages after an accident happens.

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Hants Roads Policing/Twitter
  1. Hants Roads Policing/Twitter