Driver Runs Down Pedestrian Crossing Street, But Who’s In The Wrong?


A motorcyclist caught dramatic footage of a man being run down by a car – with the clip sparking a huge debate online. 

His helmet-camera catches the incident, which happens when two men are crossing a road in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, the Daily Mail reports.


They choose not to walk on a crossing, but only make it to the middle of the road before more traffic appears.

One of the pedestrians stands and waits with his dog for a break in traffic, but the other decides to continue walking forward as cars keep driving onward.


All of a sudden a silver Volkswagen is right near the bloke – who tries to get himself around the traffic – hoping that the car will brake and allow him to cross.

But that didn’t happen. Instead the driver tries to go around the man and completely misjudges it, resulting in this brutal accident.


The car ploughs into the man and sends him into the air, before he bounces off the bonnet and breaks the windscreen before landing on the pavement.

Somehow the man was walking the next day and was ‘perfectly fine’, according to the filmmaker.


The video was first posted to YouTube back in 2014, but recently went viral after being picked up by Reddit. It’s believed the incident happened in 2013.

Commenters flooded the video to offer their opinion on who was at fault. Some think the man chose a really bad place to cross the busy road, while others think the driver should have used the brakes a lot earlier than they did.


It remains unclear if the driver was charged.