Driver Tells Kids To ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’, Abandons Bus At Garage

Bus driver abandons kids at petrol stationWikimedia/Northampton County Department of Corrections

A school bus driver told their child passengers to ‘go f*ck’ themselves and abandoned the vehicle at a petrol station. 

Buses carrying students can often get a bit rowdy, with kids jostling to sit on the back row, yelling to each other from different ends of the bus, and roaming around the aisle.

I’m sure there’s a few bus drivers out there who’ve thought about just giving up and leaving their responsibilities behind, but driver Lori Ann Mankos actually did it.

School busPixabay

The 44-year-old was driving the busload of children from Northampton Area High School and Middle School in Pennsylvania, US, last Friday, and reportedly appeared ‘agitated’ as she worked. At first the passengers joked about Mankos’ driving, but they became concerned for their safety as she began to swerve through the streets.

Mason Persiani, one of the students on the bus, spoke to WFMZ about the situation, explaining the driver was acting strangely.

He said:

When there was a turn, a right-hand turn and when she took it she was going far too fast. She ended up being halfway into the opposing lane of traffic. That was probably the scariest point in the ride. At that point my heart was racing.

She ended up telling us to… go f**k ourselves and flipped us off. You know, stuck her hand in the air and flipped us off.

Persiani said the students had tried asking the driver to pull over, and she finally turned into a petrol station in Bath where she left the bus and handed the keys to one of the petrol station’s employees.

Bus driver abandons bus full of childrenNorthampton County Department of Corrections

The children were able to escape through the emergency exit door at the back of the bus, after which many called their parents to come and pick them up. The school district was able to send another bus to the petrol station to pick up the rest of the abandoned children.

Speaking to The Morning Call, as reported by People, Northampton School District Superintendent Joseph Kovalchik said:

Nothing like this has ever happened before in my 28 years with the district. We’re extremely upset by this, but very thankful that none of the students were hurt.

Bus driver abandons school bus69News WFMZ-TV

Mankos was later found at her home and taken into custody. According to court records viewed by People, she was charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, careless driving, and 26 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

She was unable to pay her $100,000 bond and remained jailed on Monday in Northampton County.

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