Drone Drops Free Bags Of Weed Over City Square

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 04 Sep 2020 10:26
Drone Drops Free Bags Of Weed Over City SquareItayBlumental/Twitter

It might be the beginning of September, but it certainly feels like 420 in Tel Aviv, where mysterious little packages have been dropping from the sky and onto the ground.

It’s not just any old regular littering, though; it’s actually little bags full of weed.


Yep, depending on where you stand on the whole marijuana-situ, you might think Christmas has come early, or it’s some kind of Halloween horror story.

Either way, the free cannabis buds landed from the skies in Rabin Square, after a drone flew over like Santa dropping off his presents on Christmas eve.

Unsurprisingly, the sqaure quickly filled up with people who ran onto busy roads to make sure they got their share.


Hundreds of packets were found, and The Green Drones held their hands up and took responsibility for the stunt.

Speaking on an Israeli social media site, the organisation said:

It’s time my dear brothers. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the green drone, handing out free cannabis from the sky… Enjoy my beloved brothers, this is your pilot brother, making sure we all get some free love.

However, their generosity came at a cost, and two people in their 30s are said to have been arrested and ‘dealt with accordingly,’ following the incident, The Jerusalem Post reports.


While you might think the police reprimand would have put them off, The Green Drones were trying to advertise their weed delivery service and aren’t ruling out another similar stunt in the future.

The company says they’ve been forced to think ‘outside the box and [come] up with new ways of getting cannabis to consumers,’ as a result of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

They’ve even vowed to make it ‘rain of cannabis’ every week, where they will divide a kilogram of cannabis into two-gram bags and drop them all over town.


Of course, marijuana is still an illegal substance in Israel, and it is only permitted to be consumed for medicinal purposes.

There have been two bills introduced into Israel’s parliament and advanced to preliminary hearing; one to decriminalise it and another to legalise it.

Despite the fact it is still illegal to consume marijuana, its use in the country dates back many, many years. According to a report in Marijuana Moment, a recent discovery found that a cannabis resin was found on an alter in a shrine built around 750 BC.

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