Drunk Geordie Buys 6ft Pokemon, Causes Absolute Chaos Getting It Home From US

Man buys huge Snorlax online during night out.PA

We’ve all bought questionable online purchases after a few beers, only to frantically try and cancel orders the next day.

However, one tipsy dad from Newcastle deserves a gold medal for this sport; ordering himself a six foot tall Pokémon plush during a boozy work night out.

31-year-old business developer Callum Underwood purchased the colossal – and very cuddly looking – Snorlax teddy for approximately £150 after a colleague sent him a link. It’s very cute, with a huge tummy to snuggle into. I honestly kind of get why Callum was tempted.

Callum, who works in the gaming industry, sent his brand new Snorlax to his boss in San Francisco as the seller was unable to ship to the UK. However, little could he have guessed the challenges which awaited him once his hangover cleared up…

Speaking with Chronicle Live, Callum explained how it all began:

I was on a work night out when one of my colleagues sent me the link and I thought it would be a good idea to order it.

They don’t deliver to the UK so I texted my boss and asked if I could have it shipped to her animal sanctuary.

Callum was shocked after learning just how much his indulgent splurge could actually set him back. Due to the size of the toy, it would set him back £780 [$1,000] to have him sent as freight to the UK.

And if he had chosen to take his Snorlax as hand luggage on an aeroplane, this would have meant booking an extra two seats to squeeze in the portly Pokémon. Seriously, just imagine sitting next to this monstrosity during a transatlantic flight.

Callum briefly considered ripping the Snorlax open and pulling out its stuffing before having him refilled once safely in the UK. However – somewhat adorably – he reportedly found this prospect to be too ‘traumatic’.

Giant Snorlex teddy shipped to UK.PA

Luckily, Callum was able to bring his Pokémon home, albeit crammed into a large cardboard box rather than caught in a traditional Poké Ball.

During a business trip to the West Coast, via a stop-off at an Atlanta based e-sports conference, Callum was able to stuff his Snorlax into a box and have him transported in the hold as baggage.

Callum kept his mates updated via Twitter about his perilous journey, where at various points the box-full of Snorlax raised suspicions and laughter alike among airport authorities.

At one point the Snorlax, who no doubt slept for the entirety of his travels, got lost at Dallas airport and was even swabbed for drugs by security officials.

Fortunately – like a true fighter – the huggable Pokémon made it across the ocean successfully and is now living in Callum’s family home.

Discussing the happy ending to his globe-trotting adventure, Callum revealed:

I managed to arrive back in Newcastle in one piece and now it’s in the house and my son has semi-adopted it.

I had been drinking when I bought it, but I was not black-out drunk. I just thought it would be funny.

I have always liked Pokemon. I’m a 31-year-old married man with kids – I don’t even have the excuse of being a student!

I just thought it would be nice to have it in the office.

Just shows, some drunken purchases are worth the aggro!

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