Drunk Guy’s NYE Taxi Home Took Him Through Three Countries


New Year’s Day is a minefield of regrets, resolutions and missed midnight kisses.

Most of us spend the day in bed, mulling over the previous year and wondering how we got home the morning after the night before.

But rest assured, your headache was nothing compared to this guy.


One Norwegian lightweight jumped in a taxi in Copenhagen, Denmark, the beautiful city where he had spent the final evening of 2017 ringing in the new year.

His trusty cabbie took him home, through to 2018, via three countries, all the way back to his front door in Oslo, Norway.


The journey saw the driver travel from Denmark, through Sweden, and finally to Norway’s capital, Oslo, which is a 600km (372 mile) trip.

That’s about the same distance as Dorset to Newcastle – so pretty much the length of England.


Obviously, with great milage comes a great price tag and the passenger, who remains unidentified, racked up a taxi bill of 18,000 Norwegian kroner (£1,640; $2,220).

According to Google Maps, it would have taken just under seven hours. God only know what sort of drunken chat the passenger must have come up with.

Google Maps

Perhaps he took the coward’s way out and slept through.

The drunk reveller, upon arriving home and knowing not what he had done, refused to pay the cabbie, and slinked off into his house to hide from himself.

The furious cabbie found himself stranded after his battery went flat outside the man’s residence, and promptly called the police.

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Oslo Police – who told the tale in a series of tweets – said they found the fare dodger asleep in bed. When officers woke him, he agreed to cover the bill.

The man has no previous criminal record, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK and reports on the BBC.

The local police account reads:

OPS Politiet Oslo/Twitter

The account assured readers the cabbie was safely returned to his station, three countries away, with the help of a tow truck.

The statement continued:

The Danish taxi ran out of power outside the house and had to have the help of a tow truck.

OPS Politiet Oslo/Twitter

Although online Twitter translation tools would have you believe the cab fare set the drunken man back $18,000, in actual fact it cost 18,000 Norwegian kroner, which equates to £1,640 or $2,220.

Considering New Year’s Eve is always, undeniably, the most overrated day in the annual calendar, presumably, his celebrations were absolutely not worth it.

If you thought missed opportunities were reserved for New Year’s Eve, you’d be wrong. Turns out awkward taxi journeys happen all the time.

Kelli Amirah/Twitter

Just ask Kelli Amirah, a shy retiring student in Washington DC, bravely took a chance on a stranger in the name of romance.

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