Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex With Earth Will Save The Planet

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Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex With Earth Will Save The PlanetAlamy

When it comes to saving the planet from climate change there have been plenty of proposed and necessary solutions; reduce greenhouse gas emissions, switch to renewable sources of energy, embrace a vegan diet, the list goes on.

Yet, while some people on Earth seem to be developing a harmful ‘f*** the planet’ attitude despite it being the only one we’ve got, there are some for whom ‘f*** the planet’ means something very different entirely.


Meet the ‘Ecosexuals’, a wide spectrum of people who range from environmentalists who enjoy skinny dipping and hugging trees to those who genuinely want to get down and dirty with Mother Nature.

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‘Ecosex manifesto’ writers Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens estimated there were at least 100,000 Ecosexuals around the world, Vice reported in 2016, meaning there could be even more now.

Ecosexuality appears to take on many forms, and the pair have published 25 ways you can make love to the Earth for those interested in getting involved.


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As far as some of the points go I can probably tick off point three’s ‘spend time with her’ because I’ve literally never been anywhere else besides Earth, but I can’t say I’ve managed to follow point 18’s ‘bury parts of your body deep inside her soil’.

I also won’t be trying point 14, ‘lay on top of her, or let her get on top’, as among other reasons I suspect the Earth’s approximate weight of 5,974,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms would probably kill me.

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