‘Efficient’ Woman Sends Savage Text Breaking Up With Four Guys In One Go


This woman dumped the four guys she’d been cheating on her boyfriend with in one go, in the most savage of ways possible. 

Seeing four guys simultaneously must be a pretty tricky one to pull off, so I guess ending it would be nothing short of a pain in the backside…

I suppose this is why the sneaky woman in question opted to end it in the dubious, yet ‘efficient’ way that she did.

Instead of meeting up with each one individually and breaking the news to them face-to-face, this woman decided to cut the whole thing short and do it by text.

This is already a dumping no-no, but it doesn’t end there… The despicable dater, decided to go full frontal savage and set up a group chat so she could sack off all four guys in one go…

Reddit user magnetometers shared her text:

Hey soo this isn’t the message I guess you want to be getting but my ex contacted me again on the weekend and came to my work today and I have decided instead of breaking up we are going to give each other a second chance and start to date again and see what happens.

I really don’t know what else to say.

Breaking up over text is the worst

Appalled by her method of dumping and realising what was going on as soon as he saw his name grouped in with three other guys, one of the dumpees commented back.

He wrote:

Doing it via group message to all the guys you’re talking to. Efficient I guess.

Brutal maybe, but it got the job done!