Egyptian Dad Praised For Public Support Of Transgender Son’s Transition

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 06 May 2020 12:48
Egyptian Dad Praised For Public Support Of Transgender Son's TransitionEgyptian Dad Praised For Public Support Of Transgender Son's TransitionNewsflash

An Egyptian dad has been praised for the pubic support he’s given of his transgender son’s transition.


Hesham Selim, a well-known actor in Egypt, spoke about his son’s transition and deemed it ‘what God wanted’.

His son, 26-year-old Nour, began transitioning at the age of 18 and Hesham explained he was neither shocked or surprised when his son decided to transition to a male eight years ago.

Selim, 62, spoke on the Egyptian television show Al-Qahera Wal Nas about Nour.


The doting dad said:

My daughter Noura is now my son Nour. This is what God wanted.

I was not confused or surprised by what then happened because from the day that Nour was born he could only see him as a boy.

As his father, I have to help him to be able to live the life that he wants.

After appearing on television to speak about supporting his son, Selim has received masses of praise from the LGBTQ+ society in Egypt on social media.

Nour and HashemNour and HashemNewsflash

One person tweeted how the actor did the right thing.

They said:

i explained to my parents how hard it is to be transgender in a society like this and how long and expensive the process is and it’s better to be alive in a body theyre comfortable in rather than not living at all + hesham selim did the right thing and i think i did it [sic].


Another person tweeted:

Hesham selim openly supporting his trans son just restored my faith in society , maybe it’s not too late for us

Someone else on Twitter wrote:

Hesham Selim talking about his trans son with pride and seeing him proud of his son and have nothing to say but how much he loves him, gives me hope…gives me hope that I never thought I would ever have, he is a gem and we need to protect him at all costs

Nour is currently going through the physical transitions but hasn’t yet been able to change his identity documents to those of a man.

While changing gender isn’t illegal in Egypt, those seeking to transition face legal hurdles and fierce opposition from the majority of the country’s society. This is why it was such a bold and brave move for Hashem to speak in support of his son’s transition on national television.

With so many people across the world not being as understanding of the transgender community as they should, we should all aim to be more like Hashem Selim.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues, and want to speak to someone in confidence contact the LGBT Foundation on 0345 3 30 30 30, 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, and 10am until 6pm Saturday, Or email [email protected]

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